Call for Papers: Presentations for the forums

The German Geothermal Association calls to sign up for presentations
of the German Geothermal Congress 2017.

Please submit your abstract until 31st March, using the online form available at

The Science Committee chooses the lectures from all submissions and arranges them into thematic groups. After 1st June the speakers will be informed whether their presentation was accepted. Speakers receive a discount on the participation fee. 

One presentation is supposed to take a maximum of 15 minutes with a subsequent discussion. The presenting language is generally German; however
English presentations are also very welcome. A formulated version of the
accepted presentation or poster appears in the digital conference proceedings.
Please send the extended version of your presentation until 30th June per
e-mail. You will find further information and a style sheet for the creation of a
manuscript soon here on the website of the congress. 

» Submission of the abstract until 31st March 2017
» Notification of the lectures after 1st June 2017
» Submission deadline for the long version until 30th June 2017

It is possible to hand in lectures and posters to all relevant topics concerning geothermal energy, but particularly to the following main topics:

Deep geothermal energy systems
// Municipal heat supply
// Innovative energy production
// Drilling technology
// Stimulation
// Exploration
// Induced seismicity
// Economic efficiency
// Reservoir management

Shallow geothermal systems
// Innovative system concept
// Innovative heating and cooling management
// Probe, probe materials, injection materials
// Drilling technology
// Cooling local heat network & residential area concept
// Quality assurance & certification

General Topics
// Underground heat storage & planning
// Reuse
// Legal framework
// Public relations & acceptance
// Medium-depth geothermal systems
// International projects
// Integrated energy
// Standardisation
// Underground planning 


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