Zeitschrift "Geothermal Energy Science"

Die "Geothermal Energy Science" ist eine Zeitschrift im Open-Access-Format. Sie enthält streng referierte (peer reviewed) wissenschaftliche Artikel zu allen Themenfeldern der geothermischen Exploration, Entnahme und Nutzung. Die Zeitschrift erscheint sowohl in englischer als auch in deutscher Sprache.

Autoren können sich hier zur Einreichung von Manuskripten informieren.

Bisher sind die folgenden Ausgaben erschienen:

  • Volume 1:
    • Effectiveness of acidizing geothermal wells in the South German Molasse Basin
      S. Schumacher and R. Schulz
  • Volume 2:
    • Influence of major fault zones on 3-D coupled fluid and heat transport for the Brandenburg region (NE German Basin)
      Y. Cherubini, M. Cacace, M. Scheck-Wenderoth, and V. Noack
    • Empirical relations of rock properties of outcrop and core samples from the Northwest German Basin for geothermal drilling
      D. Reyer and S. L. Philipp
    • Rearrangement of stresses in fault zones – detecting major issues of coupled hydraulic–mechanical processes with relevance to geothermal applications
      G. Ziefle

  • Volume 3:
    • Geothermal resources and reserves in Indonesia: an updated revision
      A. Fauzi
    • Proposal of a consistent framework to integrate geothermal potential classification with energy extraction
      G. Falcone
    • Classification of geothermal resources by potential
      L. Rybach
    • Overcoming challenges in the classification of deep geothermal potential
      K. Breede, K. Dzebisashvili, and G. Falcone
    • Reservoir characterization of the Upper Jurassic geothermal target formations (Molasse Basin, Germany): role of thermofacies as exploration tool
      S. Homuth, A. E. Götz, and I. Sass
    • Convective, intrusive geothermal plays: what about tectonics?
      A. Santilano, A. Manzella, G. Gianelli, A. Donato, G. Gola, I. Nardini, E. Trumpy, and S. Botteghi
    • Geochemical study on hot-spring water in West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea
      M. M. Lahan, R. T. Verave, and P. Y. Irarue
    • Thermodynamic and thermoeconomic analysis of combined geothermal space heating and thermal storage using phase change materials
      V. Chauhan and Á. Ragnarsson

  • Volume 4:
    • Geothermal heat pump system assisted by geothermal hot spring
      M. Nakagawa and Y. Koizumi
    • Geothermometric evaluation of geothermal resources in southeastern Idaho
      G. Neupane, E. D. Mattson, T. L. McLing, C. D. Palmer, R. W. Smith, T. R. Wood, and R. K. Podgorney

Weitere Informationen zur Zeitschrift finden Sie in auf www.geothermal-energy-science.net.